dask_geopandas.read_file(path, npartitions=None, chunksize=None, layer=None, columns=None, **kwargs)#

Read a GIS file into a Dask GeoDataFrame.

This function requires pyogrio.


The absolute or relative path to the file or URL to be opened.

npartitionsint, optional

The number of partitions to create. Either this or chunksize should be specified.

chunksizeint, optional

The number of rows per partition to use. Either this or npartitions should be specified.

layerint or str, optional (default: first layer)

If an integer is provided, it corresponds to the index of the layer with the data source. If a string is provided, it must match the name of the layer in the data source. Defaults to first layer in data source.

columnslist-like, optional (default: all columns)

List of column names to import from the data source. Column names must exactly match the names in the data source, and will be returned in the order they occur in the data source. To avoid reading any columns, pass an empty list-like.