GeoDataFrame.sjoin(df, how='inner', predicate='intersects')#

Spatial join of two GeoDataFrames.

dfgeopandas or dask_geopandas GeoDataFrame

If a geopandas.GeoDataFrame is passed, it is considered as a dask_geopandas.GeoDataFrame with 1 partition (without spatial partitioning information).

howstring, default ‘inner’

The type of join. Currently only ‘inner’ is supported.

predicatestring, default ‘intersects’

Binary predicate how to match corresponding rows of the left and right GeoDataFrame. Possible values: ‘contains’, ‘contains_properly’, ‘covered_by’, ‘covers’, ‘crosses’, ‘intersects’, ‘overlaps’, ‘touches’, ‘within’.



If both the left and right GeoDataFrame have spatial partitioning information available (the spatial_partitions attribute is set), the output partitions are determined based on intersection of the spatial partitions. In all other cases, the output partitions are all combinations (cartesian/cross product) of all input partition of the left and right GeoDataFrame.