GeoSeries.geom_almost_equals(other, *args, **kwargs)#

Returns a Series of dtype('bool') with value True if each aligned geometry is approximately equal to other.

This docstring was copied from geopandas.base.GeoPandasBase.geom_almost_equals.

Some inconsistencies with the Dask version may exist.

Approximate equality is tested at all points to the specified decimal place precision.

The operation works on a 1-to-1 row-wise manner:

otherGeoSeries or geometric object

The GeoSeries (elementwise) or geometric object to compare to.

decimalint (Not supported in Dask)

Decimal place precision used when testing for approximate equality.

alignbool (default True) (Not supported in Dask)

If True, automatically aligns GeoSeries based on their indices. If False, the order of elements is preserved.

Series (bool)


This method works in a row-wise manner. It does not check if an element of one GeoSeries is equal to any element of the other one.


>>> from shapely.geometry import Point  
>>> s = geopandas.GeoSeries(  
...     [
...         Point(0, 1.1),
...         Point(0, 1.01),
...         Point(0, 1.001),
...     ],
... )
>>> s  
0    POINT (0.00000 1.10000)
1    POINT (0.00000 1.01000)
2    POINT (0.00000 1.00100)
dtype: geometry
>>> s.geom_almost_equals(Point(0, 1), decimal=2)  
0    False
1    False
2     True
dtype: bool
>>> s.geom_almost_equals(Point(0, 1), decimal=1)  
0    False
1     True
2     True
dtype: bool