Reading and Writing Apache Parquet#

Similar to dask-dataframe, dask-geopandas supports reading and writing Apache Parquet files.

See the Dask DataFrame and Geopandas documentation for more on Apache Parquet.


As outlined in Spatial partitioning in Dask-GeoPandas, dask-geopandas can spatially partition datasets. These partitions are persisted in the parquet files.

By default, reading these spatial partitions requires opening every file and checking its spatial extent. This can be a bit slow if the parquet dataset is made up of many individual partitions. To disable loading the spatial partitions, specify gather_spatial_partitions=False when reading the file:

ddf = dask_geopandas.read_parquet("...", gather_spatial_partitions=False)
ddf.spatial_partitions  # None